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Classic Lechon Manok w/ Honey and Fried Garlic

Lechon Manok (rotisserie chicken) is another filipino's favorite and go to food. Anywhere in the Philippines you will see dozens of vendors showcasing their Lechon Manok cooked in charcoal behind in a big glass right on the street. Very appetizing and you will surely want to buy 1 whole chicken on your way home!

A variety of stores are famous of their tasty Lechon Manok and among Filipino's favorite are the following: Chooks-to-Go, Andoks, Sr. Pedro, Baliwag, Uling Roasters and many more! Every region has their own best Lechon Manok and that's yet for me to explore. :)

I tried rotisseries in big box stores like Costco, and in my opinion it's not as good as ours.

Here in abroad (Los Angeles) it's hard to find a good Lechon Manok like we have back home. I tried rotisseries in big box stores like Costco, and in my opinion it's not as good as ours. Every time I crave for it I always make my own it's easy and super delicious! I will show you my recipe of classic Lechon Manok with added flavor of honey and fried garlic. These two components will give distinct taste and separates from common flavor.


1 whole chicken 1 stalk lemon grass 3 stalks spring onion 5 cloves whole garlic 10 cloves minced garlic ¼ cup soy sauce 1 cup honey 1 cup cooking oil

Salt and pepper for seasoning

METHOD: Traditionally, Lechon Manok is cook through a spit roast. If you don't have it, alternatively you can use a conventional oven which I use in this recipe and It works the same. I cook the chicken in two steps: 1st is by roasting them with aluminum foil and 2nd, finishing it without the aluminum foil. These steps will surely make the chicken very juicy and delicious! Check the video below for the complete procedure.

Watch video below on how to make lechon manok

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