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Classic Pork Sinigang

If you grow up in a filipino family then you definitely know the dish already by just looking on the photo.... Yes! It's the famous Pork Sinigang. Who doesn't love the soft and tender meat with colorful veggies in a sour soup, thinking of it makes me want to grab another pot and cook again. :D

Sinigang is a sour soup and it basically contains meat and we commonly use pork but it can replace with beef or seafood. Other components are variety of vegetables (refer on the ingredients below) and of course tamarind fruit or mostly known as "sampalok"as the souring agent. Now tamarind can sometimes be hard to find especially here in US since it's not normally sold in most groceries so we opt on using tamarind powder which can be found in filipino/asian stores.

Confession! Growing up I'm not a fan of sour soup at all. Sour taste is not very appealing to my taste but it gradually change as I become more inclined in food culture and my sense of taste developed when I went to culinary school. And now sinigang is on my top list of favorite filipino soup recipe!

I hope you enjoy this classic pork sinigang recipe and I can't wait for you to try and share it to your family.


1lb pork butt, cut in cubes

5 cloves minced garlic

1 red onion, quartered

1 cup sliced daikon radish

1 small eggplant, sliced

4 pieces string beans (sitaw), cut in 2 inches long

3 pieces long green chili (sili spada)

2 pieces ripe tomatoes, quartered

20 g tamarind/sinigang powder mix

5 cups of water

3 tbsp fish sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste

You can be creative and try different meat and vegetables on your sinigang. Pork belly, shrimp, and beef ribs is also a good alternative and add more green leafy vegetables.

Watch recipe video below on how to make Pork Sinigang

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