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Gising Gising withTofu

Are you looking for a healthy filipino dish? You came at the right place! Yes I know we don't see much filipino vegetable dishes in the internet. When you search online for filipino food the first thing to come out is either adobo or lechon belly. I can't blame google, is what everybody loves and I can eat them anytime of the day. But this time I want to help filipino food bloggers who have the same mission with me and that is to spread knowledge on some underrated vegetable dishes like Gising Gising.

Gising Gising literally means "wake up-wake up". The creamy and mild kick flavor will surely wake your day up! This filipino veggie recipe is originated in Pampanga which happen to be the culinary capital of the Philippines. They say If you have a "kampangpangan friends" then your in luck they can probably cook you the best and authentic filipino food.

Traditionally Gising Gising is made with green beans, ground pork, chili, and coconut milk. It's a simple vegetable stew and healthy dish. On my recipe I wanted to be extra healthy so instead of ground pork I'm using firm tofu as my protein. It has less calorie and fat, you don't feel guilty even if you bump that extra rice. :D I cook my Gising Gising in a WOK, though you can use any cooking pan the WOK works best on this dish because it boils the coconut milk very fast without getting the vegetable soggy.

I'm excited for you to try out this delicious healthy filipino meal. It may not be that popular but the taste has never been underrated.

Helpful tips: If you're a vegan/vegetarian you can omit the shrimp paste and fish sauce on this recipe instead use a curry powder.


8 oz firm tofu, cut in cubes

2 cups kangkong stem/water spinach, chopped (alternative: green beans or sigarilyas)

1 thumb size ginger, minced

1/4 red onion, chopped

5 cloves garlic, minced

1 tomato, cut in cubes

2 pcs chili/siling labuyo

1 tbsp shrimp paste

1 cup coconut milk

2 tbsp fish sauce

Cooking oil

Salt & black pepper to taste

Fried garlic, garnish

Watch recipe video below on how to make Gising Gising w/ Tofu.

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